Username not found while trying to share projects with other users

Hi everybody, I am new to Kobo so forgive me if I ask a naive question…

I have opened a new account in Kobo Tool Box; it is operational, I can modify the account settings; I can start a new project, etc.

Then I would like to share my project with a collegue of mine. I write her username when asked by the system but… the answer is “username not found”… She also tries to do the same (namely to share her project with me from her account), but she receives the same answer…

What are we doing wrong?

Thanks, Carlo.

Hi @carloponzio,

Welcome to the community! Kindly please be informed that KoBoToolbox has 2 servers viz. the OCHA and the HHI.

Please be informed that sharing of project is only possible within the same server i.e. either within HHI server or within OCHA server. It’s not possible to share a survey project from HHI to OCHA or vice versa.

You could also have a look at our support article MANAGING PERMISSIONS to learn more on sharing projects with other users.

Have a great day!

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Hello @Kal_Lam , thanks for the info on role of servers in sharing the project, i was facing the same issue.
In that case, can we choose on which server our project to be deployed so that we may share the projects without difficulty?


@mandarsathe, you could use any server, but please be informed that your admin account from where you are sharing your project and your enumerator’s account (to whom you share your project) should both be on the same server for the sharing permissions to work. The system will not share your project if the admin account and the enumerator’s account are on different servers.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Could you please advise on this a little further? I am a KoBo novice and apologies for a native question, but I tried to share the permission - it works on some accounts and not others (I even created an account on behalf of a colleague so the server should be the same?)

Please kindly advise how to proceed, thank you very much for your kind advice.

Welcome to the community, @Koboquestion1! All the user accounts should be from the same server to make sharing possible. KoBoToolbox has 2 publicly hosted servers. One is the non-humanitarian server also known as the HHI server while the other is the humanitarian server also known as the OCHA server. So it’s only possible to share a project from within a server either within the HHI server or within the OCHA server. It’s not possible to share a project from say HHI server to the OCHA server or vice-versa.

Thanks for your useful info @Kal_Lam, but UNFORTUNATELY I still have the same problem, even though I made sure the accounts are on the same server, and also I made sure that the usernames are correct.

so what the problem could be?

@maher_alkhalaf, maybe you will also need to ensure that the user accounts are activated? Sometimes, users create an account and without activating the account they simply try to share where they fail.

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