Sharing the Form without managing the project

I am working with an organization where we have eight partners, and all those partners have their own staff, almost 100 people. We create one form, and all organizations contribute the same form, and we limit the data they reach by only data collected by their staff. we do this by “View submissions only from specific users” option while sharing the form with the partner staff. What is hard for us is arranging the permissions of each organization’s staff. If there is a new person or a staff resing, arranging the permissions takes lots of time. We would like to know if it is possible to give partners to sharing form option without managing the project because when they manage the project, they see all submissions, and we don’t want them to see all data.

The general idea is I would like to share my form with other users, but I also want them to be able to share the same form without managing the project with their own staff and only able to see their staff’s submissions.

It would give organizations like ours be the ability to work at Organization and staff level because not all staff need to see all forms or other staff in their organizations to protect their privacy. With current stricter it is possible but it takes so much time from us and we only can do that and we are short of staff.

I believe it would be really useful for many organizations and many persons.

Yes, this is known issue with you wish to manage such a large users. However the KoboToolbox team is also working on this to improve it.

This would be a good suggestion. Feel free to reach us if you wish to sponsor this feature.