Show a value in the next field/question against a 'select one'

Hi there,
Can I show a value (associated and pre defined) in the next question/field once I select any data from a combo/‘select one’?
Like I want to show Wimbledon gentle-men’s singles champions for every year, once I select the year system will show the name of champion of that specific year. I collected year wise champions’ list in the xlsform.
Thank you in advance.

Could you provide more details please so that we could understand your requirement and then help you out if it’s possible? For this you will need to explain us with a dummy question, choice and then your requirements.

Which server are you using?

When I select a value from ‘Please select Union’ then I want to show the associate value (there is only one value for each Union data) in the next ‘Please select Beneficiary’ field (now it is a select one field) like a note field (but the data will be dynamic).[GPS-project.xlsx|attachment]
pls find the xlsform too
(upload://pvpNMuwaGVGj0bRDOfwVoWGg7gT.xlsx) (14.6 KB)

@ahsanmani, if this is your requirement you could do it as outlined in our post discussed previously:

For details, you could also have a look at our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions.

I shall check and will come back to you, thank you so much

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this doesn’t match my requirement …

i want to show a value once i chose a value from a list box. please see the new screen shot (edited)

any idea?

In this case maybe you could design your cascading select question as discussed in our previous post (which should solve your issue):

I dont want any ‘select one’, i want a ‘note’ in the last field (as i wrote in my last screen shot)

can i make this clear?

@ahsanmani, the note should not be able to list out the names for you unless you Including Responses Inside Another Question.