Show previous year rating in notes/text in webform

In a select_one option I have list of entities. Each entity has a previous year rating associated with it, which is there in a file.

In the webform i will get the 2019 rating based on user selection.

How can I show as summary that the rating of unit has changed from 2018 value to 2019 value.

I don’t want user to do a selection for 2018 value as it is already available.

Hi @pankaj_prasad
This definately requires the use of pull data functionality explained here

Unfortunately this will not work on web forms since PullData is only supported on the android collect application. There is no workaround for the web forms currently.


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Thanks @stephanealoo. Any idea by when the PullData functionality will be available in Web Forms?

Hi @pankaj_prasad
We do not have a specific timeline