Show sections collapsed/ navigation across survey

Is there a way to have all sections collapsed for the respondents when they first opens the survey link for the web form? Or is there a way to have something like a table of contents in the beginning that allows expanding and collapsing only the sections the respondent wants to respond to at that time, thus allowing easier navigation across the various sections? I read that this could potentially be solved with acknowledge questions, but wondering if there might be a better way?

Hi @bwin
The solution you are looking for will require you to use skip logic (I am sure you are familiar with this, if not have a look at our article here). This is the rationale I would recommend you use.

  1. Put your questions that belong to one section in a group e.g section1
  2. Create a select_one question outside but before the group for the Section e.g. section1proceed with a yes no answer.
  3. Make the group section1 only appear when section1proceed is selected yes

This will always ensure that the questions appear when you select the option yes section1proceed. Replicate the above process for all the remaining components.


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In addition. If you create a first hierarchy with groups level for the whole questionnaire this will show as a list of all group labels in the navigation. User can always come back to this by the Collect navigation button (top menu).


Thank you. Is it also possible to change the appearance of the groups so that they automatically appear as collapsed in Enketo webform?

Hi @bwin

None that I am aware of.


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Hi Stephane,
Can I create links to sections within a form?
ie each group in the same form.

Sorry, @Bertha, this is not possible. Maybe you will need to check the navigation and then select the group you wish to enter as outlined in the post discussed previously.

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