Showing group on same screen - in XLS form

Hi! I’m working with a very long form that contains many groups. I want each group to appear together on a page on the web view. I figured out how to do this on the form builder (by selecting “grid theme + multiple pages” for the form style and checking off under the settings for each group for “Show all questions in this group on the same screen"). However, I need to keep revising my form offline and replacing it. Each time, it seems I need to redo all of these settings in the form builder.
Is there a way to build into the XLSForm the equivalent of checking off “Show all questions in this group on the same screen” for each group?

Thank you!

Welcome @sophief,
You may have a look at this Help Center article (field-list appearance) Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups — KoboToolbox documentation

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Thanks! For some reason, field-list hasn’t seemed to fix it…

@sophief, once you download your XLSForm that is OK in the formbuilder, check out the settings tab. Ensure your new XLSForm has the same setting configuration in the setting tab. This way, you should be able to retain what is there in the formbuilder.

Maybe this post discussed previously should also be helpful if you have missed it earlier: