Showing language in data export

Hi all,

I’m running a survey in the EU - in English, German, and Spanish. Users select the language using the dropdown on the web-form.

Is there anyway to have a variable in the data export (or in the XML download) that tells me what language users completed it in?



Sorry this feature is not available with KoBoToolbox. Maybe you could keep a variable on the survey project that holds the language variable used by the respondents/enumerators while collecting data.

No problem, and thank you!

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Hello @AndrewXLS
A workaround could be to calculate and store the ::language label of a (any) variable, with jr:choice-label. You will get the label corresponding to the currently selected language.

Attention: A user can switch the language any time during filling a form. So, the language info is always temporary…

Here is an example. You could change later the text types to calculate type.
GetLanguage01.xlsx (11.7 KB).
Hint: The calculate will not fire again if the language is changed (but the item selection is not changed again).

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Do you mind walking me through that in a bit more detail? I found this resource:

But struggling to think about how to incorporate this in an XLSForm to make it work…

Thank you!

@AndrewXLS, see update of my last post.