Showing multiple geolocations in map

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I am trying to set up a form where people can mark locations where they think the bicycle network need improvements, eg missing links, no bicycle parking, unsafe crossings etc. There are multiple geopoint questions in the form. However, when I am testing it, filling out forms and then looking at the map, only the location of the first question answered is shown. (see images below) I would like if it was possible to see the gps locations for all geopoint questions on the map at the same time, is that not possible? When you click on any of the locations marked on the map, the form submitted shows up, and (second image) you can see that there are multiple gps locations in them. Furthermore, when I try to download the KML-file and upload it to uMap, then the same thing happens - only one locations per form is shown. Does anyone know if there is any way to solve this?

Welcome to the community @axel! Yes, at the moment KoBoToolbox does not support this feature. Maybe you could create a features improvement request here.

Thank you @Kal_Lam !

All GPS are available in the Excel data export, but in KoBo format. So, it might be an option to extract and transform them, based on the Excel file.

Another workaround might be to separate your form in design, so that one form :: one GPS location only is recorded.


Thank you for your reply. Do you mean download the XLS file and the pull out the GPS coordinates from that file?

Yes, well understood. An Excel script may create a kml file even. Maybe someone in the KoBo/ODK community has done something like this already?
With the search function, you might find some additional hints:
Update: Maybe start with the support articles, @axel esp. here

I’ll have a look there, thank you!

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I tried now to put all the GPS locations in a separate excel file and then save it as a csv file. Then when I uploaded it to uMap all the locations were marked out. Thank you!