Showing questions for certain respondents

I would like to know if I can show specific questions to specific respondents.

The form will be used by over 100 respondents.

The first question in the form is user_id as text input and the question is “Provide your UserID”

In my choices sheet I have a list of UserIDs (around 20) who need to respond to additional specialized questions (special_users)

I am trying to show questions where user_id = special_users

There is no question where a person can select from the special_users list since it should be taken from user_id

I haven’t been able to make this work.

Any ideas?


Welcome back to the community, @kt2630! I think this should be possible. But could you share with the community a sample of your XLSForm with some dummy questions and choices and the requirements you need? The community should then be able to help you out.

Thanks @Kal_Lam for the quick reply and the usual support!

Attached is a sample of the form, and how I thought it would work.

I tried both using calculate to match from choices as well as using pulldata from external source. Any help would be appreciated!


Responses.xlsx (12.3 KB)

Hello kobo community,

Any ideas how this could be done?


Hi @kt2630,

It seems like your relevant column doesn’t match with any of your questions, but I think this approach should solve your issue.

Example: I have a text question for asking a name, if a person replies Hakan questions related to Hakan will appear, and if a person replies as Kal_Lam questions related to Kal_Lam will appear.

Can you try this yourself and see if that meets your needs?

You can see the form in here: Enketo Express for KoboToolbox

And this is the survey sheet that i use:

type name label relevant
start start
end end
text Username What is your username?
select_one yesno Hakan_check Are you Hakan? ${Username} = ‘Hakan’
text Hakan_1 Now we are sure that you are Hakan, here is your question! ${Hakan_check} = ‘Yes’ and ${Username} = ‘Hakan’
select_one yesno Kal_check Are you Kal_Lam? ${Username} = ‘Kal_Lam’
text Kal_1 Now we know that you are Kal_Lam, here is your question! ${Kal_check} = ‘Yes’ and ${Username} = ‘Kal_Lam’