Shuffle the answer data in the columns

I have a form that I use for reporting on the KoboToolbox platform for humanitarian organizations. When adding a new question, the data that came from the records already made before adding it moved their columns and the answer to question 1 is in the column for the answer to question 4. What to do.

Welcome to the community, @brcy_sofia! It seems like you redeployed your forms multiple times.

Ok, how do I fix it. Thanks in advance!

You cannot fix it directly, as changing the form two variables have been created, e.g. if you changed the type or the name.

Workarounds would be:

  • Edit the old cases from the table view (maybe using filter and bulk edit).
  • Update later after data export with option: all versions included. (Even bulk re-import could be possible).

Hint: Do systematic pre-tests, incl. data export, and try to avoid form changes during data collection.