Signature not appearing in gallery when collected using Enketo

I created a practice form using the IMAGE type and SIGNATURE appearance. It works fine when I use the Kobo Collect App, however the signature appears as a black (see screenshot) image when collected using Enketo (either through a mobile phone browser or desktop browser). Has anyone encountered similar issues with a solution? I need to collect data using both the app and Enketo, as many of my enumerators use iOS devices.

Hi @iancg,

Welcome back to the community! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I too tested it at my end and was able to see the same issue that you have flagged. Shall report this with our developers.

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Thank you for your response. ODK and KoBo Toolbox are great apps, we are using it for COVID-19 response here in the Philippines.

Stay safe!


Thank you for the good job you are doing on COVID-19. We will keep you updated on this. Could you confirm that this issue persist when using both KoBoCollect and ODK Collect?


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Hi Stephane, we have not tried the signature function using ODK Collect, only through KoBo Collect and Enketo for KoBo ToolBox. So far, signature collection works fine with the Android KoBo Collect app. The problem occurs when we use Enketo.

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This is a known issue on our side and we established that the behavior is caused by the way the signature image is stored. It’s a transparent PNG, so given that our gallery has a black background and it’s a black signature it just can’t be seen easily right now. When you click on the image it opens the original file.

Our developers are however working on fixing this issue.


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Thank you, Stephane. is there some kind of workaround that we could use for the mean time?