Simplify user permissions

At the moment, it’s very difficult to navigate and understand the long list of permissions. It would incredibly useful to either simplify or document those, so that admins can assign them confident that they are not making mistakes and without needing to test every permission change.

Hi @raph,

Could you kindly explain your suggestion that you have outlined. Sorry as i could not clearly understand your description.

Have a great day!

Absolutely @Kal_Lam, I realize that this wasn’t a very detailed description.

This referred to the list of permission on the Django side, for organizations deploying Kobo on their own server and managing users using the Django interface. It’s a little hard to understand and manage all those permissions.

But on the Kobo UI side, the new permissions look really good and are easy to navigate. As I mentioned here, ideally we would be able to manage all users and permissions directly from the Kobo UI, rather than having to work with Django, which is a lot more confusing and hard to navigate than Kobo.