Simultaneous form filling

My concern today is as follows:
I designed a form for collecting data on the numbers of community preschools; and other related activities; associated with the project. I would like to know if it is possible for two users to fill in the same form simultaneously or not, each with parts that concern him?
For example, the principal of the school will only inform the data concerning the numbers to which he will only have access, and the volunteer the data concerning the canteen to which he will only have access, but all in the same form.
Nb; the director will not see the input fields and the data on the canteen
and the volunteer will not see the membership data either.
Everyone will only have access to information that concerns them.
The supervisor can have all the information entered from both sides.

If you are trying to do it with a single survey project, the answer to your query is No! However, if you try to split the survey project into 2 halves and then deploy them as 2 different projects you should definitely be able to. Maybe you could then later merge the data into a single project.

Hi @esy_cari2020
I think I must have seen a related query from you on a different thread :grinning: As it is, KoBoToolbox does not offer a relational database approach to form filling where the same form could be filled by multiple people.

However, when I look at your implementation logic, I believe you can design three different forms using the same unique ID to merge your data post-KoBoToolbox as @Kal_Lam had indicated.


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