Single response by surveyer only once per day

Hi Guys,
Is it possible to get response just once by surveyer only once per day.
on 18th March, he can fill the form only once and then he cannot fill it again on 18 march.
However, he can fill it 19th march…

Is it possible?

Maybe you could use the constraint .=today() as outlined in the post discussed previously to achieve what you wish:

This should restrict enumerators filling up past as well as future forms.

Oh. Thanks for help. I will try this

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I think this will NOT restrict a user to send a 2nd filled form the same day.

Further hint: At least in Collect, all day/time variables depend on the correct day/time/timezone configuration of the device. (So, today() might change if the user changes the timezone or the date manually.)


Oh ok,i will keep this in notice

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@wroos, thank you for pointing this out, which I forgot to mention. @vicks88, in this workaround users, will only be able to make an entry for that particular date (day). However, the admin will have to make a check manually if there are multiple submissions made from a user for that particular day.

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