Single sign on

Just wondering, has anyone tried using Kobotoolbox with Single Sign On? I’m trying to use the same credentials of my other apps to log into Kobotoolbox.

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Hi @Josh could you please help me with this?

Hi @ks_1, we haven’t integrated SSO into the application yet so you would have to do one or more of the following:

  • Create a feature request at #feature-wishlist and we can take it into consideration for the future;
  • Contact us at if you would like to fund this feature;
  • Create a PR which we can review and consider merging; or
  • Extend a fork of KoBo since you are running your own instance
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Thanks @Josh
I’m okay with option 2 or 3. My developers are confident about implementing SSO in regular Django applications, but Kobotoolbox is slightly complex because of how KPI and KC behave with each other; it’s a bit of a black box for us. Do you think we could speak to someone to get an understanding of how to get started for option 3, or should we just ask on Github?

Hi @ks_1, I would suggest reaching out at and someone from the team will make arrangements for a discussion :+1:

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