Skip group using conditionals

I have already made use of the tutorial How do i skip a group of questions based on a previous response? - #3 by Kal_Lam now what What I need is that when you finish answering the group’s questions, you skip the next group. but since there is no question of yes or no or 1 or 0, I don’t know how I could skip that group.

Hi! Can you explain - what do you mean by “when you finish answering the group’s questions” -

In order to create a formula that skips a group of questions, we need to know exactly what condition needs to be met.

Do you have an XLSForm you can share that shows what you’re trying to do?

Hope we can help!


Hi @janna
I already share the XLSFORM so that you can measure what I want to say.
a4N8acKpU3NKd5tqbUJxQS (2).xlsx (13.8 KB)

@Kal_Lam Please help with this problem!!!

Thanks for sharing the XLSForm.
There are many groups in the form. Can you tell me what group you want to skip, and what condition needs to be met in order to skip it (eg, when do you want to skip this group)?

I want that when they answer that they are a new user, it will take them to the "Ingresar Usuario Nuevo" group, that makes everything correct so far, what I want them to do after filling in the data for that group is to go to the “Datos técnicos de la visita” group. .
I don’t know if I explain myself?