Skip logic and validations

Is there any fixed format in which the queries for the manual skip logic and manual validation need to be entered?
If yes, kindly help me with an example.

Also, what kind of different queries does Kobo support?

Welcome @shlokpimpalkar,
You asked several basic questions (3 postings today) which might get support by studying related Help Center articles, please, see e.g.
Question types: List of Question Types — KoboToolbox documentation
Adding Skip Logic — KoboToolbox documentation
“Other” choice:
User-Specified “Other” Responses for Multiple-Choice Questions — KoboToolbox documentation
HXL tags:
Using HXL Tags — KoboToolbox documentation
XLSForm Docs

Also the XLSForm dokumentation may be helpful: XLSForm Docs

And often using the search function of this forum often can also provide answers and examples. e.g. for “seed”: How to use the Seed function when randomizing response options?


You may have a look here, please: