Skip logic Data not showing in custom reports

I used skip logic (was answered) on a select-many question and the custom report doesn’t show the full data of my group of questions.

e.g. Social Support and Transport has to be answered to answer the following questions (SMART Goal, Actions/Tasks, etc…) but when answering said questions it doesn’t show in custom reports.
Could it be because of the skip logic?

Hi @el_nino_palau and welcome to the community!

Are these groups repeat-groups?

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Hi, thanks for the response.
No, I do not have any repeat groups just a select_multiple question with skip logic for the text type question.

Data shows in data tables but not in reports.

I was going to ask that, thanks for the clarification, can you provide screenshot of the data you can see in the tables, and the missing part in the reports too?

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As far as I know, you can see only the 5 most frequent choices in the report (the rest is combined as …).

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That part for the Assessed Need: Social Support and Transport doesn’t show when i search for it through the custom reports.

So, this question may have been excluded (deselected) in the custom reports. Was this question changed? How?

Hi, I am a local consultant and I have using KoBo to develop a baseline survey for the MoH project. I have issue download the questionnaire on XL and also having issue on skip logic when I try to view the form online. Does any one have the same issue and how did they go about solve it?