Skip logic for multiple responses

i have below questions a multiple choice question about services needed “Q1”, and one response a bout grants amount, but if I choose the grant and any other services the question bout loan amount “Q2” will be skipped to “Q3” directly.

I need to let Q2 appears even choosing grants option with the other option

Q1 : select_multiple D301 D301 D301: Please indicate type of support received
Q1.a text D301_other Specify other
Q2: integer D302 D302: In IQD , please indicate the amount of support that you received for your business?
Q3:select_one D303 D303 D303: How has this support benefited you in your business?

I used the following skip logic for “Q2” but still not valid

${surveyPossible} = ‘1’ and ${C101} != ‘4’ and ${D301} = ‘1’

Welcome to the community, @alaaarabiat2! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue: