Skip logic in kobomatrix xls form

Hello everyone. I am trying to find a way to apply skip logic to a kobomatrix form in XLS.
I have a question with a response of “Yes,” "No, or “Unknown.”
I would like the form to skip the next question, 'Date, if a No or Unknown response is selected without changing the form alignment.

Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @mikisty14! This support article should help you solve your issue:

Thank you, Kal_Lam for your feedback.
I have actually reviewed the new support article as suggested by you, but that did not help solve my issue. I think this is because it involves only two responses, i.e., Yes and No. but in my case, we have three responses ie Yes, No, and Unknown.
I have attached my XLS file for your review.

rota_matrix.xlsx (12 KB)

@mikisty14, did you play around with the sample XLSForm shared in the support article? Playing around with the file should help you better understand how it works.