Skip logic stopped working after duplicating my form in microsoft excel

I created a form where I needed to repeat the same group of questions 20 times. I created the first group of the question then downloaded the form in excel where I duplicated 20 times. After deploying the form I noticed my skip logic stopped working in other groups. i created using excel

Welcome to the community @bobinto131! Do you mean you created a survey form where the entire survey form should repeat 20 times?

Not the entire survey, the entire group. The surveyors are meant to visit 20 households where the same group of questions would be asked

Would you mind having a look at the post discussed previously (it should solve your issue):

Does it mean when I have multiple groups, I can’t use kobotoolbox builder in controlling my skip logic

Have you tried out the workaround shared above? Could you also outline the criteria that you require.

Design remark: Why not use one form per household?
Packing by 10 in one submission may complicate analysis and aggregation.
The enumerator may also not be possible to send data before finalising all (needed) households (depends on your skip/relevant and required rules).

You may think about: What is the “case” unit for your survey? One household? Or a pack of ten? Try to limit relating form design to organisational issues of field work, like one enumerator does ten households.


Thank you so much

Thank you so much, The survey would comprise of different team visiting 20 households each in different locations. So it might be difficult using one using one form for the survey.

This is a rather normal ssituation for many other household surveys discussed in this forum.

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Hi @bobinto131
There are basically two parts to the problem you are encountering.

Design Issues
As clearly pointed out by @wroos, I normally would encourage that one clearly illustrate their data collection scenario and layout the specific instance of collection i.e. a point where the unit being observed/questioned can be completed. In this case, your household interviews, should be a complete instance hence a complete form per household would make the most ideal sense. As Wroos mentioned, this is how most users have actually executed their form designs.

Just in case you have a query on how to structure different collection instance, then kindly detail the scenario you could be facing so that we best support you on potential layouts.

Copying Questions Post Design and Skip Logic Not Working
The problem is actually caused by the assumption that the skip logic would automatically self-update; this is an impossibility for the following reason. Say you created the first group G1 which had Q1 and Q2. Q2 was skipped based on Q1. When you copy G1 to create G2, you have to change the variable/question names Q3 (copy oF Q1) and Q4 (Copy of Q2). However, the skip logic for Q4 will still reference Q1, which causes the failure of skip logic to work. To manage this, your copy process must involve changing the questions referenced in the skip logic too.

I hope the above clarifies the issue you are facing and also the form-administration scenarios.


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