Skip logic suddenly stopped working OMG 😱

Form suddenly stopped revealing questions based on skip logic. No questions appear at all.
I added constraints to a time variable this morning and after that the skip logic stopped working.
I tried rolling back to the version before updating the constraints but it doesnt work at all. Even the clone of the past versions dont work either.
aU5UyNVzpoXcMzNBbrVa49 (5).xlsx (21.9 KB)
Here is my updated xlsx form

Could you also add a screenshot of the issue you are facing. This should be helpful. Also please help us by providing the question that is having issue with skips (we could verify them at our end).

Here is the form right now

This is how it should behave

All of the questions with skip logic are having an issue. For example the question
ppe_checklist_n95mask_minimum row 18 of the xls file does not appear when a relevant name_of_hospital is selected

the skip logic in xls
selected(${name_of_hospital}, “Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center”)or selected(${name_of_hospital}, “Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital”) or selected …

the skip logic does not work even when removing all the other options and changing the relevant logic to
selected(${name_of_hospital}, “Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center”)

Again I also tried cloning the older versions (November and December) to no avail

I hope I just goofed on this one

OK as a quick check, would you mind checking them out here and see if it behaves as it should.

Upon loading the xls form the browser returns an error message that looks like this:
KoBo Issue 3

However the form works when viewed in enketo:

Thank you for checking it out and confirming @mkmortera.

This means just a warning. You have a Group without group name which might be Ok, if you don’t want to show the group title to the user.

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As of today everything returned to normal. Skip logic in my forms started working again as illustrated in my screenshots. Thank you.

Hi @mkmortera,

The downgrade of Enketo from 2.6.0 to 2.5.6 should solve your issue. For details, please feel free to go through the announcement:

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