Skip-Logic tricks on nested Group repeat

Hello Everyone. I was wondering if is it possible to set a dependency between 2 nested groups.
I would like when users click to repeat a nested group, the nested group child is repeated automatically…
Such as a dynamic dependency!
I Would be grateful if anybody could help.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Gia, is this the kind of logic you are referring to?


type name label repeat_count calculation
begin_repeat outer Outer
calculate c1 position(…)
note n This is outer note ${c1}
begin_repeat inner Inner ${c1}
calculate c2 position(…)
note n1 This is inner note ${c1}.${c2}

nested-repeat.xlsx (5.5 KB)

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Hi @Josh! Thanks a mil for your reply.

The reference is close but in this survey, the nested groups are not supposed to be consecutively aligned to each other… It is like having the first group as the 5th question and the dependent nested group in the 35th position in the questionnaire…

Hope you see what I mean…

Hi @Gia, if I understand you correctly, then the position in the questionnaire should not be an issue and you can follow the same method, just with other questions in between.

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