Skipping Mandatory Questions

Hello there,

So we have a form deployed with all questions designed with mandatory response,
however he field team is able to make submissions, directly via (online offline multiple submission) link, with random questions skipped.

I tested the form several times and I couldn’t skip any of the questions, so I don’t know how are my field team member are able to submit, while skipping some questions.

The form has been deployed several times (currently at v7), however I still find it weird that some people (more than one) are able to skip various questions (at random), despite the fact that all of the questions are mandatory.

Please help

Hi, do you have any “skip logic” applied in the form? Even if a question is “mandatory”, if skip logic applies, the question will still be skipped.

Are you able to share the XLSForm so we can take a look?


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Skip logic is not applied to the questions that experienced this issue

Question 1 (Cell 14)
Question 3 (Cell 16)
Question 4 (Cell 21)

All highlighted in the below XLSform for your ease of reference

I have designed the form myself via the builder
aCXvGiyycpSwD6Sq7RTWQ9.xlsx (25.6 KB)

Small update, the field team stated that they are actually answering these questions and not skipping them, however when i view the uploaded submissions they appear unanswered.

Thank you

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Hi one other question… If you look at one of the submissions where the questions are coming up empty, what is the response to “Select the category of the respondent”… Is it “service beneficiary”?


Could you download/export the dataset to Excel with all versions (advanced) option and XML values option and check if the data are there. They might be at the far end of the columns, based on changes of your form during data collection.


Yes, it is

Hi @archibald, I’ve just flagged your post because it seems to contain personal data of your team members and possibly beneficiaries, which we don’t want to have shared publicly in this forum. If the data is fake, let us know, but if it’s real, it might be something you need someone trusted to take a closer look at privately instead of sharing publicly.

@Kal_Lam is it possible to have someone take a look at the backend and help @archibald solve this, just don’t want to risk needing to share project data publicly…

I was hoping @wroos 's suggestion was going to solve it…



Thank you very much, yes the data is real, i missed deleting personal data from the sheets.

On the other hand, strangely enough i have cloned the form without actually changing anything and now data submissions from the field appear to be flawless.

Any ideas ?

Thank you all.

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@archibald, seems like the issue has already been resolved (after cloning the project) but if you still wish to investigate on what happened, please let me know.

Preferably yes, if possible to avoid such issues in the future as we deploy various forms on regular basis.

Many thanks for all your support.

@archibald, did you already delete the project that had this issue, or is it still on your server?

Still available

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@archibald, would you mind sharing with me the following information through a private message so that I could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • _id and variable name that has this missing value
  • Server

Note: You could share with me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously: