Slow data loading in Enketo

Hello everyone !

I have a little issue and I’m not sure how to solve it.

We have a long form with 941 questions including 314 in a repeat group.
The reason why it is so long is that a lot of this questions are about the 187 species that we have.

When we collect data, the form does not take too much time on ODK collect but when we try to edit the answers in Enketo form Kobotoolbox web plateform it takes a lot of time to open.

So we were wondering if this could be solved by using our own server instead of the server " Researchers, Aid Workers & Everyone Else" or by reducing the number of species or something else?

Thank you


Hello @fpageot ! I’m a fellow Enketo user - also with large forms and repeat groups - and agree performance can sometimes be very slow. It seems that there have recently been a major change to Enketo that should improve performance a lot - see Huge leap in performance - however these changes haven’t yet been fully applied to KoBo systems, so the Enketo performance improvements aren’t available to us yet. There were some Enketo changes applied to KoBo in December but they were rolled back and I’m not sure of timings for them to be integrated again.

However in the meanwhile it might be worth going through the items listed in the Enketo blog above to see if you could work around any of the known performance hits? e.g. turn large select lists into external selects?

Go well, Nat

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Hello @nat,
Thank you a lot for your quick answer