Slowness in server ui

Hello Team

Thanks for keep doing a great job, I need a small suggestion on the server

We had hosted kobo on the high-end server and the surveys are working fine when we are running 500 users but after people keep on increase the Web KPI UI is loading slow and while clicking sharing survey it almost took 3 minutes to load

Kindly suggest server configuration for smooth usage or what is the server configuration Humanitarian Organizations are we using backend and front end in suppurate server

@Kal_Lam please assist here

@Mdkhamru, do you mean you are sharing your survey project with 500 users on a self hosted server?

Hi @Mdkhamru, unfortunately this is currently a performance issue with asset sharing and has been logged here (you will notice the same issues on our production servers):

It’s in the pipeline to make this more performant. Please refer to the advice here in the meantime if you are sharing many forms through the UI:

You should however be able to use the API for managing form permissions (or even through the Django shell) as a work-around.


yes @Kal_Lam

Thanks for let me know

Hello @Josh @Kal_Lam

there was slow in the UI web app after update of 2.021.30a and this was not sloved in 2.021.34a

takes 1/2 min to load

@Mdkhamru, which server are you in?

i have seen this UI front end slowness on my self hosted server and .humanitarianresponse