Socio Economic Classification

Hi there!

I have a SEC (Socio Economic Classification) question to frame. The classification depends on the conditions of of previous two or more questions. I have stated below example fore detailed understanding:

Q1. Number of items owned:

  1. Electricity Connection
  2. Ceiling Fan
  3. LPG Stove
  4. Two Wheeler (motorcycle, scooter, moped)
  5. Colour TV
  6. Refrigerator
  7. Washing Machine
  8. Personal computer/ laptop
  9. Car/ Jeep/ Van
  10. Air Conditioner

Q2. Education of CWE

  1. Illiterate

  2. Literate but no formal schooling/ School-Upto4 years

  3. School-5 to 9 years

  4. SSC/ HSC

  5. Some College (including Diploma) but not Grad

  6. Graduate/ Post Graduate: General

  7. Graduate/ Post Graduate: Professional

Now, I have below grid to classify each class depending on the number of items owned and level of education (the highest gets A1 and the lowest gets E3).

Please guide me how to go about solving this.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @subesha! Do you mean designing this form in KoboToolbox?

Hi @Kal_Lam !

Yes, I need to design this in KoboToolbox. And most importantly, auto code classification based on the conditions chosen by respondent.

Looking forward to your response.


@subesha, you should be able to design this frame by following this support article Question Matrix Response Type.