Some column headers missing in XLS/CSV Export

When I export my dataset as XLS or CSV using XML Values & Headers a number of column headers appear blank. There is no problem I can see with the XLSForm, i.e. all names/labels are in place and correct. If I use the legacy export it’s fine but there is no option to remove the group names. I also have a synchronous export set up for Power BI and a number of columns are being exported blank there too? Is this a bug?


Welcome to the community, @gstoyle! Could you also let us know if you ever updated your survey form and then redeployed the project?

Thankyou :smile:

Yes the form has been updated and redeployed multiple times.

@gstoyle, if this is the case then maybe this support article Recovering Data From Previous Form Versions should help you solve your issue.

Thanks for the reply.

I already selected that option but it makes no difference - the column headers are still blank for some of the fields.

As I said, if I export using Legacy XLS it works but there is no way to remove group names.

Also this doesn’t address the issue with the synchronous export to Power BI which also shows a load of blank columns (which Power BI renames to Column1, Column2 etc).

Did you have any further information about this as it’s still unresolved?

Is it possible to upgrade my account so I can get more reliable support?