Some submissions got lost. Server up-time issues?

We were using a form hosted on for about a week to collect and submit filed data and everything worked just fine. But some (but not all) submissions made within a couple of days seems to get lost. Forms were filled up from several laptops in the web-view (Enketo), queued and uploaded right away (at least they are not on the device anymore, the queue is empty). But we cannot see them on the server.

Again, not all submission got lost. And there were no changes in the form or our workflow. But from 228 submissions we have all together, about 12 submissions reported by the team members as lost around 7-9 of August. These lost ones were made by the same people and the same day/time as other, successful submissions.

Any ideas why this has happened? Were there any server up-time issues these days? Is that possible to check log files etc.? And how to avoid this in the future, cause now the team needs to check the server every day to make sure we have the correct amount of submissions successfully uploaded. So the trust to the tool decreased :frowning:

Our form ID (from the server URL) is aXHgK36Z3MET9VgppR536X


Hi @ethnoby,

Welcome to the community! Thank you for flagging up the issue. Your issue has been reported to the developers and we shall soon let you know on why and how this has happened.