Sorting from choices

Is there a way to pull unsorted list from the choices as sorted alphabetically?

@solotheking, did you mean you wanted to sort the choices while creating a new form, so they are ordered alphabetically?

The list of teachers is grouped into schools and selection is made from choice_filter. But i’m creating a command for those who can’t find their names in the stated schools to have access to select their names from the pool of teachers which should be sorted alphabetically for easy selection and not based on the school groupings

Still expecting a response oo if any.

Can Randomize function be used to do this?

People, I think I’ve finally found a solution to what I was looking for using search in the appearance section in another dialog.
But can I use a regular expression in conjunction with a not(selected …) commands on the same item? If yes, kindly show me how.

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@solotheking, maybe you could share a dummy of an XLSForm of what you are trying to achieve. The community should be able to help you out.