Spacing before/after text in note

Hi Everyone,
Can you please help me with the note - I need to add space before and after lines of the text. I tried with several Alt+enter but this does not work.
Thanks, Gosia
Brok.xlsx (19.4 KB)

@Malgorzata, maybe try using the line break as outlined in this post discussed previously:

It should help you solve your issue!

Hi Kal, thank you for reply, but this does not work. I guess this should be added to the code inside note, do you maybe have any idea what should it be? padding-bottom and height do not work as well.

Did you try <br/> as HTML tag for a linebreak?

But I am afraid, Kobo is removing any leading and trailing spaces (similar to the normalize function). I think there is only a workaround using, a character e.g. . (dot) or \*, plus newline for each “empty” line you want to add.


Hi, thanks I will try with br. Yep I did it with got but there is a problem on theme grid settings - I´m not sure what color it should have for note (I tried SmokeWhite and grey and on some screens they are visible.

I used span style=“color:WhiteSmoke;font-size:0.1em;”>.<, It looks ok :slight_smile:


Would you mind, to share an extract/example with your solution here, please?

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Sure, please have a look here :blush:
2024_NPtest.xlsx (11.4 KB)


@Malgorzata, @wroos :clap: :heart: :partying_face: