<span style="display:none">row_2-Agree</span>

On our questions that have rankings of disagree, agree, or strongly disagree, the data is divided by the rankings rather than the sub questions. on the pdf of the survey with answers at the questions we see a row_2-Agree message instead of the question, along with several graphs without sub questions. How can we resolve this issue, so that we can see the data from surveys that were already submitted

Welcome to the community, @DSJWL! Could you share a screenshot so that the community should be able to understand your issue pictorially?

@DSJWL, did you mean your graphs show XML value instead of the labels?

Yes, and that one question is spread out over several graphs.

@DSJWL, could you share with me the particular section of your XLSForm so I can test it on my end?