Special characters and letters in start and end dates of data collection

Hi! how to prevent the start and end dates of data collection from appearing when exported to Excel with special letters and characters as shown in the image below?

@tuumaprojectdata, could you highlight the special letters from the metadata so that the community could help you out?

Hi @Kal_Lam can you be more explicit. Otherwise, as you can see in the image I posted in my previous message, there are Alphabetical letters that appear between the numbers of the dates, which leads me to do other processing to find the correct dates with sometimes errors

Do you mean the T that is in between the date and time?

Yes that’s exactly it. There is also the Z which is at the end

@tuumaprojectdata, unchecking Store date and number responses as text should solve the issue as shown in the image below:

This is what you will see then (after downloading the data):

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It’s ok now, Thanks!

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