Split data

Hi all,
I want to scan a barcode which contains name, date of birth, age, location, family size, family counting number, food card registration number, UNHCR card number of the barcode holder. But, I don’t need all those information. I need only family counting number, food card registration number and UNHCR card number from the barcode scan. Is it possible?
Secondly, when I download the dataset after scanning barcode, all information appears in the same cell of one column. But, I need each type of information in separate cell in separate column… For example, when I download the dataset, I need family counting number in cell B10, food card number in cell C10, and UNHCR registration number in Cell D10. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance.

Welcome back to the community, @tasfik_rukan! Have you gone through the post discussed previously? It should solve your issue.