Spotted a Bug - Ranking questions are Mandatory by default

Dear Community,

Today I have worked on a form and have used a ranking method questions in one of the types. My form has more than 40 questions covering almost all types. But when my friends are trying to submit during the trail run process, they informed me that particular questions are showing mandatory. Then again I had cross-checked and realized that even when the mandatory is off still all the questions in ranking methods are default mandatory.

Could you please help me with this issue!!

Hi @Ganni,

Can confirm from my end the KoBo Form Builder indeed making ranking questions mandatory, even if they are selected as not mandatory.

As a workaround for now: If you download your form in XLS form and make required column in the survey tab as False it will solve the issue.

I think @Kal_Lam can verify the bug from his end and maybe create a Github request for that.


Thank you for your time @hakan_cetinkaya . But sometimes when we are downloading the XLS form and uploading it back again the questions from the (question matrix) option are breaking up. Again we should re-make the questions.

@Ganni, could you list the exact steps you followed so we could check it out at our end to see if it’s a bug? Also, please let us know the server you are using.

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