Start and end data has stopped coming through on API Connector

Hi there,

I have a spreadsheet with API connector, that has stopped showing ‘start’ and ‘end’. I am attaching an image of what the first two columns looked like previously and what they now look like having clicked ‘refresh all now’. Does anyone know what might have changed/ what I need to fix in the code?

Many thanks

Can you try widening the related two columns n the spreadsheet, please? (E.g. in Excel ##… indicate a value too large to show.)


Thanks wroos, that didn’t work though - screenshot attached.

@childrenontheedge, could you list out the entire steps with the community so that the community should also be able to try it at their end to see what is missing?

This is automated data (not entered by the person filling the form, but automatically recorded by Kobo) that was being fed into the spreadsheet previously that now is not. For example, a form that was filled in May previously had the start and end date and time showing in the spreadsheet. Now the start and end are (since refreshing) showing as ###### for the same form, so the data from that form has stopped feeding through.

Can you try, please, if start and end are shown when you use the normal download of the data to Excel?

Yes they are, screenshot attached.