Start tag expected, '<' not found

Hi there,

Ive been trying to edit a submission but keep getting the error: Start tag expected, '<' not found. Its the first time I`ve received this, as with other questionnaires it has been able to edit the submissions.

What should I do now?


You can download the data to Excel and have a look at this submission. You might find a “/<…>” in a text field (or a calculate field or a column name), without a preceeding <…>. Or something like " /…>

Did you check your form with the online validator?

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I`ve made the form with form builder, should it then not automatically be putting the start tag? (Assuming that you are now referring to <…> being the label name but not the response of the participant?

Would you mind to download the submitted data and check this case, please.
Could you also download the form as XLSForm (from project form page / … menu) and check it with the online validator, pleade??

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I have checked both and the following thing showed up:

Error: Duplicate column header: ##### Candelaria Secacao

Would this explain it? trying to find the specific column header to change it, but not sure if that would be it.

@Sarah23, if you find an issue when validating your XLSForm through the online validator as shared by @wroos, fix it and that should solve your issue.

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Hi @Kal_Lam, would it be possible to change my error by using the Form Building option instead of through XLSForm? I have been trying to change the error given by the online validator but it doesn`t solve the problem.

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@Sarah23, yes, you could always make changes directly through the formbuilder. But as you will need to validate it repeatedly through the online validator, maybe the easiest part would be to make changes to the XLSFormn and then upload/replace the XLSForm (the final version) and redeploy it.

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