Start time and end time are not correctly displayed

We had administered a survey tool which take around 25-30 mins to complete. We are having following issues,

  1. In the downloaded data it shows that less time is taken for filling out the record (calculated based on the start time and end time). Are there any reason, apart from data collector related reason, for having less time for filling out a record.
  2. Also for some records the end time is earlier then the start time.

Please suggest.

Hi @Tush,

Could you kindly share with us the screenshot of the issue you are having so that we could best understand your issue. Would also appreciate if you could share with us the dataset for the distorted time (removing other essential variables form your dataset).

Have a great day!

Could you also test out this in person and time it yourself? This is the only way for us to know if there is a problem with the system or this is only limited to data collector related issue.

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