Stop scrolling to the bottom when adding a new question

I am sure this must have been raised before, so feel free to mark this as a duplicate of the appropriate topic.

When you add a question to a section that is more than 1 page above the last question, the page scrolls to the bottom automatically.
This is very frustrating because you have to scroll back up and find the question you were just editing, and in larger questionnaires can be quite time consuming.

I am using Firefox 80

Hi @Sceptre,

Do you mean adding question at the top, middle or at the end of the section that is page long (i.e. it covers the entire screen). Could you show us a screenshot that would backup your details and would also be helpful for us to validate/test at our end.

Have a great day!

Generally it was adding or duplicating a question in the middle of the survey.
After adding the question and changing the text, it would immediately scroll to the end of the survey.
This would also happen when changing the question order.

The survey as a whole is more than a page long.
I will try to find reliable reproduction steps.

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Hi @Sceptre,

We would appreciate if you could provide us the steps so that we could reproduce the same at our end. Would also appreciate to have a screenshot of the same.

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam
I haven’t managed to reproduce the issue today, which is rather frustrating given that it was happening to me a number of times yesterday.
I’ll re-report if I get to the scenario where it is happening again and make sure I have the steps that got me to that point.


Hi @Sceptre,

Thank you for bringing this to the community! Kindly please do report the same with a screenshot if it happens in this same post here so that we are able to keep good track of it.

Thank you once again.

Have a great day!

Hi @Sceptre
I have moved this issue to form building as opposed to a bug as originally placed.


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Hello, any update on this one please?

I am still experiencing this one. I have hundreds of questions and it is very time consuming when you move/add questions on top. Then it suddenly is in the bottom of the survey, then scroll back. Hope there’s a solution for this one. Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community @eeugenio! Could you kindly please share with us the exact steps to reproduce the issue so that we could have a closer look at our end. Maybe a short video clip would also work if you are able to share.

HI this also happens to me. If I access a form and when I add a question as soon as I save or move forward the page view scrolls all the way to the last question and I have to go and locate the question I was working on.
Please help this is enormously time consuming!

Welcome back to the community @steve0809! Could you kindly share with us a short video clip so that we would be able to identify your issue.

@steve0809 The clip doesn’t seem to have attached properly

Hi Scott yes it came back with an error not recognized format?

Should I load to Google drive and send link ?

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HI Scott

Here is a link to the file on Google Drive

Let me know if this works

Kind regards

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It worked for me.
And looks exactly the same as the behaviour that was happening to me when I originally reported the issue

Thank you @steve0809! The video was very clear to give us a hint on what the issue was! Let me try it at my end and see if i am able to reproduce the issue at my end.

Hi @Sceptre, @eeugenio, @steve0809,

Thank you for brining this issue to the community! Kindly please be informed that i have created a GitHub issue for the same and can be followed here:

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hello Kal
-Lam , Also I have the same problem with my KoBo form , when I add or delete any question it scrolled to the end of the form, if could you please tell me the resolution

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Welcome to the community @hamiddakory! The issue has already been lodged in the GitHub. Maybe you could follow it.

how can I follow it?