Storage limit problem

Hi. I have been getting a message notifying my limited storage space. I already deleted my archived projects, my media files, but I still get the message “You are approaching your monthly storage limit . Please upgrade your plan as soon as possible”

@drfofung, you should be able to check your storage and submissions use through ACCOUNT SETTINGS>Usage.

There you should be able to view your storage and submissions used in a summary format as well as by projects:


So you can then decide on which project to delete based on the storage used.

If you wish to keep the storage and continue using your account then you could upgrade to a paid plan from under ACCOUNT SETTINGS>Plans or even purchase the storage add-ons from +Add-ons.

Feel free to reach us through for any upgrade-related issues. We would be happy to help!

I have deleted all photos linked to the data, which should have been the reason for the storage problem, but I am still receiving that message

@drfofung, maybe you will also need to check your storage used from Per Project Total? Please also be informed that deleting simply an image from the submission will not solve your issue at the moment. You will need to delete the entire submission for now. But we are also working on a feature that should allow users to delete only their image attachments and not their entire submission.