Structure of the URL for media file download


I have found a discussion on how to generate a complete URL instead of only the file name when downloading collected media files (e.g. images): Check the box “Include media URLs” in the advanced data download options.

Now I am trying to build these URLs in PowerBI and need to understand their structure – and am failing. I would expect the project code, the form id or uuid or something, but it seems that these are n0t used. Can anybody tell me, what these codes are?


What is/where can I copy:

  • 2F60ad5f724b894747b890485cf598c2ef and
  • 2Fe7fac4fc-97e3-46cb-bf75-f5d121df65a7?

Kind regards

The %2F is a part of the URL. It is an encoded symbol for “/”

The next characters are either uuid or meta/instanceID, I’m not so sure. You can find these fields at the last columns in your downloaded XLS report.

You are right, I should not have copied the “2F” part, but I did the search without and still can’t find it in the form – so it is NOT the uuid or alike.

What are the two parts?