Struggling to download data

Good afternoon. I am trying to download an XLS dataset with 742 entries. However, when clicking the download button, it gets stuck on the ‘Processing’ phase, with the XLS sheet never actually being downloaded. Do you know how this can be resolved?

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Hello @christiaan , i have the same issue. Can anyone help us please?

Hello @christiaan the same issue I’m facing right now any help please from the technical team.

I’m experiencing the same problem, it seems to be a global problem. FYI there’s also another active thread on this topic

Welcome to the community, @christiaan, @corneille20! @christiaan, @corneille20, @hamza_programmer, @candidasilva, thank you all for bringing this issue to the community! This issue should have been resolved by now. However, please let us know if you are still facing it.

Many thanks Sir @Kal_Lam. The issue is already resolved.

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