Struggling to set up on public server

keeps throwing me the 'Kobo Toolbox has not started yet/ This can be normal with low CPU/RAM computers.

server has 8gb ram, 256GB Disk, 4x vCPU

and wait for another 600 seconds several times before i give up.

set up and configuration went well it just wont load.

have set this up via SSH/Putty to reduce workload on ubuntu latest version etc

any ideas?


Is your public IP and domain name accessible on the internet? Common issue I’ve faced initially is that the domain name did not propagate completely (usually takes 24-48hrs, but can happen sooner as well).

You should first check if your domain name and the required subdomains (kf, kc and ee) are accessible externally.

yes, i’ve got it up and running now, just took several attempts :slight_smile:

just some little niggly things im working on that need ironing out


Hello, can you help me on the kobo toolbox installation? i also tried several times and im getting the same message

try increasing ram and hdd size

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We are facing the same issue with the server setup. Can you detail out how you were able to resolve the wait issue?