Styling choice labels


There appears to be an issue with styling for choice labels (survey labels work fine). When I test the “sample styling” form MarkdownExamples.xlsx (26.4 KB), choice labels display the HTML syntax but the formatting remains unchanged, e.g., . There are some other issues with hints that you can see in the example form.

I’ve posted about this issue on the ODK community board and was told Kobo uses an old version where the bug is not fixed.


I’ve inquired on the ODK forum about this. However, @ybelyakova, you’ve linked to an Enketo web form, and KoBoCollect is an Android application. Are you trying to get this to work in Enketo, KoBoCollect, or both? I believe @Kal_Lam has contacted the Enketo developer and should have a response for you soon.

If you’re trying to use KoBoCollect, please give ODK Collect a try as well; it’s fully compatible with KoBoToolbox. Hopefully it will render your styling correctly; if not, we can follow up with ODK. Thank you!

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Hello. I am having this same issue. I have a long list of choices for a question (organization acronyms and full names). I’d like to reduce the font of the CHOICES so they don’t take the full screen. I already have it on minimal setting, and using theme-grid. When I try to add formatting options (####, style options, etc.) to the choice label, it appears in the label text rather than formatting it. Is there a fix?
Thank you.