Subforms Implementation

I would like to create a form whose purpose would be to survey a field of plants. So the first section of the form would be for information about the field. e.g. location, the name of the surveyor etc. And the second part of the form would be about the plants in the field. Each surveyor would survey around 30 plants per field with the information collected and questions asked being quite in depth but repeated for each plant.

I would quite like to use subforms as a solution but could not seem to find the option and believe this issue has been raised in the past Form and subform (2019).

I was wondering if this has changed since that post or if there were any other work arounds which could be implemented. Thanks!

Welcome to the community, @scriptoria3! Could you share with us a sample dummy question so that we could understand your concept of sub forms?

Hi. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Yeah of course.
So for the first part it would be questions like:

  1. Surveyor Surname
  2. Date of Survey

To get information about the survey, surveyor and the field. But would be about a page worth of information.

The second part would be questions about the plant:

  1. Name of plant
  2. Number of flies on plant

And again similarly would be a page worth of information on a single plant. But this would be repeated for 30 plants.

In the past have had this all in one form with the information collected on each plant being done so in a subform imbedded within the form. And was wondering if that was possible using KoboToolbox but am open to suggestions if there are better ways to do this.

Let me know if that makes sense!

Have you gone through our support article Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups? It should help you solve your query.

Thanks for sharing. It was helpful for providing an alternative solution through rosters. So just to confirm there is no subform option? And would have to use rosters to achieve this?

There might be other options, if you can separate the two parts in time. That is first finish and sent part 02, before (later) going on with part 02. At least on the level of one case (location) unit.

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Hi wroos. Thanks for the suggestion. Could you please elaborate a bit more what you mean as I could not follow. Thanks!

You might have a look at previous discussion here:


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