Submission error code : 200

Hello to all and to the administrators of KoboCollect.
My name is Stéphane AZOGAN, a KoboCollect user.
I have a concern to submit to you.
I’m getting an error message when submitting my form to the KoboCollect server. I used the Excel design and put a submission link to Google Sheet. But after deploying the form on the KoboCollect server, the surveyors couldn’t submit the data. I understand that it’s the link that’s causing the problem. I wanted to know if there isn’t a way to directly remove the Google Sheet submission link from the KoboCollect form on the platform that would allow the data to be received on the KoboCollect server. Thank you for your help.

Welcome to the community, @azostare! It seems like you are trying to collect data and submit them directly to the Google Sheet. Did I get you correct?

Yes, that’s it.

But my problem is that I want to remove the link to the Google Sheet and receive the data directly on the KoboCollect servers.