Submission Failed AbortContrroller is not defined

Dear community,

I want to send a form but it can’t be submitted (submission failed), it says AbortContrroller is not defined. Meanwhile other people have successfully submitted the same form. Can anyone explain. Thanks


Is this an issue with only a single device or is it an issue that is seen in other devices as well?

Other devices are like that but other devices generally work well

So you mean it’s not an issue with the other devices? It’s only an issue with that particular device (where you have shared the screenshot)?

yes sir that’s right

Would you mind checking the date and time configuration for that device?


Sorry did not get you clearly.

Hi @akoh
Could you confirm that this issue exists in all your browsers (for that device)?


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Hi stephanealoo
Unfortunately not tried in other browsers

OK, sometimes you may have this sort of an issue when your browser is not updated. Try to update your browser to it’s latest version (the easiest way would be uninstalling the browser and then reinstalling it again from the play store).

Could you give it a try and let us know what happens.

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