Submission form old and new

Dear Kal_Lam,
Hope you doing well, I have a urgent advise on the submission of the forms.
I deployed version 1, using KoboCollect android on tablets, and team conducted data collection, each of them completed 2 surveys (but not yet send the finalize form yet)

Then after first day, we have few changes, I made it change in XLS form, and upload again, and re-deploy, so it version 2,

Now the team collect data, and no more change

So for this case, how possible to edit old version 1 in the new version 2? or if they submit the version 1 will it go into the form version 2?

Much appreciate


@sengkrisna, in this case, you will need to do the following:

  • Submit the records that are in Collect android app (whose structure is in version 1) to the server.
  • Then go to the server and edit the submissions with the required fields which have been added or removed (based on version 2).
  • Once this is done you will need to update your Collect android app so that you are able to get the blank form (version 2) on your device. With this, you should be able to collect the remaining data with version 2.

To collect the data in the revised version (redeployed version), you will need to first get the blank form to your device. Once this form is on your device, you are able to collect your data for that particular version.

Another workaround might be:
Copy the data manually step-by-step on the local device into the new form. (Might be preferably with a second device or first submit the old version and use the web submission as original for the new copy)

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The old version 1 been deleted from the sever already, since the first day, but the data still in the tablets, currently the version 2 is running (deploy on top of the version 1)

So in case?


For such cases, you will need to edit them through the server (DATA>Table>Edit). This is because when trying to edit your version 1 submissions stored in your Collect android app even when you have updated your blank forms with version 2 will still hold the structure of the version 1 for the collected records. However, for those records that were collected with the structure of version 2, you could edit them through the Collect android app.