Submission is Seen but no data retrieved

I have deployed my form and collected 2000+ data from my account. All data are sent using different data collection devices using same id. The submission number can be seen in
But when I see into it. There is no data inside data view. Can Somebody help me please?

Can you paste the screenshots of what you are seeing? I noticed that this is KoboToolBox installed on your own servers. This means that we would need more information to be able to fully understand the issue since we have not way of linking to your systems for added layer of support.


In above screenshot, I look into it for data it seems to be empty.


Submission number can be seen in this screenshot.

Just some quick follow up questions

  1. Does this problem affect all your projects or just some specific ones?
  2. Is this the first time you are seeing this problem?
  3. Are you the only one with access to the projects?
  4. Are you the owner of the projects or was this shared to you?
  5. What happens when you tap update the table button?



  1. This affect all my project.
  2. Yes this is the first time I am seeing this problem
    3 Yes, I am only one with access to the project
  3. I am the owner of the project but not the server.
  4. No changes while I tap update table.

I will raise this issue with our developers even though there is limited support we can provide as this installation is not within our servers.