Submission size limit

I got a complex survey with conditions and repeat group and subgroups of 760 questions. When try to fill half of it and sumit results, it did not work and an error “‘Error retrieving maximum submission size.’” I have worked hard for this survey and i want it to work and open the limit of submission size. Any plan or urgent solutions for that . I appreciate your prompt response . Thank you alot

Welcome to the community, @mahmoudelj! Have you validated your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues in it?

yes , and it will perfectly working, Even after deploying, the fields worked properly. only in submission it took along long time . I inspected in the back end to check what is going on , i found the error I previously stated. I tired to fill an no questions to avoid opening the groups, it has submitted properly. so the problem is that there is a limit for submission size by Kobo. So , just let me know if I subscribed to a certain plan, it will be work or what?

excuse my english spelling or grammar mistakes. :slight_smile: I appreciate you prompt response as the study initiation is depending on this .

@Kal_Lam waiting for your reply

@Kal_Lam your response for my enquiry plz?

@mahmoudelj, no subscribing to a paid plan will not solve this issue of time-out. You will see the time-out issue if you have a very long survey form with complex constraints and functions. A paid plan is meant to provide an added option to those users who would like to exceed the submission and storage threshold provided by the system (which currently has 5k submissions per month and 1GB of account storage).